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Sport has the power to bring people together in a way that few other things do.

Nelson Mandela.

The “CORPORATE” Proposal is aimed at companies that want to offer a leisure and trend-setting services to their customers or employees.

Padel Travel Costa del Sol designs customized solutions based on different targets, by acting mainly on two channels:


A tailor-made experience aimed at a group of company employees. Corporate welfare policies offer increasingly flexible benefits with the aim of improving the employee’s private and working life. According to Site Foundation, motivated employees involved in a sporting event are much more productive when they return to the office.

Padel Travel Costa del Sol has built a “mixed” format, which combines work and incentives, thus creating synergies that generate business opportunities in a context different from that experienced daily.

Sport improves efficiency, productivity, business motivation by reducing work-related stress. During experiential training, competition is never highlighted through the result of the individual, the total sum of everyone’s scores is considered as the objective. This conveys the importance of the team’s work to reach the team’s result. At the same time sport, and Padel in particular, helps players to accept defeat as an opportunity for growth and improvement – a crucial lesson for managing bad results in the workplace.


A special experience that a company chooses to give to its best customers. An experiential gift linked to a sporting activity is an upward trend, able to generate authentic emotions that translate into satisfaction, well-being and greater enthusiasm.

A sporting experience strengthens and consolidates the relationship between those who give and those who receive. Padel Travel Costa del Sol creates, together with the client, an ad hoc offer starting from the Excellence in sports and tourism that the territory offers to give a memorable stay to its customers.

Malaga, the European Best Destination 2019 and European Capital of Sport 2020, and its 330 days of sunshine a year are the wonderful scenery in which the activities of Padel Travel Costa del Sol take place.

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