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Can I come for a Padel Experience when there aren’t Events scheduled?

Yes, of course! Padel Travel is in action 365 days a year and organizes both Group Events with participants from all over the world as well as fully customized Padel Experiences to suit any requirements such as: the date of the experience, desired training hours and days, transfers, matches with local players, video analysis of training sessions, hotel accommodation and more.


What is the difference between a Padel Travel Weekend and a Tailor made Training Program?

Padel Travel Weekend is a standardized three-day training program (Friday to Sunday) that is offered to our trainees once a month on set dates. It includes Group Training with a maximum of 4 trainees per court, divided by level.

Our Tailor Made Training Programs, on the other hand, are created entirely ad hoc, 365 days a year. The trainee(s), with the advice of the Padel Travel, decides on duration of stay and services (hours of training, technical program, video analysis, matches, …). In both solutions, Padel Travel also offers accommodation and transfer services.

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Do Coaches speak English?

All of our Trainers are Spanish with an international Curriculum. All of them are fluent in English, handling on a daily basis a large number of trainees from all over the world.

I am a traveller who does not play Padel, can I still participate?

Absolutely yes, both Group Events and Tailor Made Experiences include “Companion” Packages with services related to Accommodation, Transfers and Tourist Experiences. Malaga is the perfect city, even for those who do not play Padel 🙂

Is it possible to add Individual Lessons to my Padel Travel Weekend?

Yes, as well as prolong your stay! The advice is to book it in advance so that you don’t lose your priority. They can also be booked locally, subject to availability left.

Can I take a course to become a Coach at your Academy?

Padel Travel currently runs Individual Coaching Development Courses. We have decided to differentiate ourselves from typical courses with a large number of trainees so that we can transfer you the enormous knowledge of our Top Coaches and offer Qualitative and Personalized Teaching that really takes into account the Experience you have already gained, the Goals you set yourself and above all the Aspects you most need to improve.

We issue a Certificate of Participation showing the hours completed, the topics covered, and the Coaches who have trained you.

Can I train outdoors in autumn or winter at your Academy in Malaga?

Absolutely, Malaga has a microclimate with over 330 days of sunshine a year and 3,000 hours of light.

It rarely gets below 15 degrees and rainy days are the exception.

What happens if it rains?

In the event of adverse weather conditions, the organization will do everything in its power (change of schedule, moving activities to indoor facilities, etc.) to ensure the smooth running of the sports activities (lessons and competitions).

Should force majeure prevents this (uninterrupted bad weather, unavailability of indoor facilities, legal restrictions, etc.), the organization will refund the amount corresponding to the services not used.

I am a beginner player and would like to improve my skills, can I attend Lessons/Courses at your Academy?

Absolutely yes, Padel Travel is for everyone! Your Padel Program will be planned and developed according to your level of play, your goals, the duration of your stage and feedback of the Top Coaches who will follow you.

If I come alone, will I have Individual or Group Sessions?

You can choose! If you want to train in a Group you can join one of our Padel Travel Weekends / Padel Travel Events on pre-determined dates , if you want to train individually you can build your own tailor-made stage 365 days a year.

Please note: In the weeks no Group Events are scheduled, you will not be able to train with other trainees coming from other booking. This is to ensure the best Quality of Experience for all, as we do not know, in advance, the different levels of play.

Who are the Coaches I will be training with?

All our Coaches are Professional Padel Masters with a title issued by the Federación Española de Padel and a remarkable international curriculum. Most of them also have a present or a recent past as Players at World Padel Professional Circuit. For a more detailed description click here.

Can I book Accommodation and Transfer services through Padel Travel?

Certainly! We have partnerships with over 10 hotels of different categories and over 200 apartments. All of them are strategically located to allow you to enjoy the entire Experience within a maximum radius of 3 km and to reach walking (almost) all points of interest.

Can I book Tourist Experiences through Padel Travel?

Yes, Padel Travel offers a wide range of services you can select through our form, including: Tour of Malaga on Electric Bikes, Pure Flamenco Show, Water Tour at the Arabic Baths, Starred Dinner, Catamaran Tour and much more.

I don't have a racket, can I rent one on-site?

Of course, you can rent it directly at the Padel Club where the lessons will be held.

Who will I play Padel matches with?

We will organiZe matches with local players of the same level as you, based on the feedback received from the Coaches after your first training session.

I would like to do a tailor made Training Program, how many hours of training per day are planned?

There is neither a minimum nor a maximum number of training hours planned. Based on our proven Experience in Padel Coaching and after an interview with you, we will draw up your own Program based on the Goals of the Course, duration of the Course, your level of play, and physical condition.

Can I have lunch at your Academy? train at the gym? go to swimming pool?

Several extra services are offered through our Academy, such as:

  • Access to gym: daily/weekly pass
  • Lunch at Club Restaurant: service from Monday to Friday – September to July
  • Access to swimming pool and sunbeds: hours Mon-Fri 4 pm-8 pm, weekends 12 pm-8 pm – June to September.

What does the Video Analysis Service include?

The Video Analysis service includes an in-depth examination of the strokes, position on the court, grip and posture of the Player through videos filmed during Training Sessions at our Academy and analysed by our Top Coaches, in order to improve playing fundamentals and prevent injuries.

The video analysis is NOT to be confused with the videos and photos that are handed over by our staff at the end of your stage as a memory of the Experience.

Will the staff I spoke be present during my stay?

Absolutely, and we look forward to welcoming you! The Padel Travel staff is available 24/7 and will be at your disposal before, during and after your stay and Course in Malaga.

You can always get in touch with us by email at or by phone/WhatsApp on our numbers: +34 692023103 / + 39 3348767928

Can I later book activities that are not exclusively related to Padel Lessons?

Yes, you will always have a Staff Member available at the Padel Club or via telephone to book any extra activities.

Are airline tickets included in the package I book?

No, we would not be competitive on a few units. We take care of your Padel Experience from the moment you land, but we are at your disposal to find the best flight combination together.

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